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Tots - Wednesday

Select Tots sessions are designed for preschool aged players (2-4 years) at the start of their athletic journey. The sessions cover a wide range of FUNdamental games and activities using age specific equipment to help each player develop their physical literacy, ready to enter the world of ALL sports and general school PE. With this in mind, we aim to give the players a positive first experience of physical activity and look to create a life-long enthusiasm. 


Sessions will encourage the players to start developing life skills such as: listening, communication, social interaction, independence, self control and teamwork. To help develop this further, we do encourage parent/guardian participation as results show the players respond really positively having their adults join in. 


As well as providing FUNdamental skills for sport and life, the sessions will provide a head start and lead into our Mini Centre programme, for those school aged players from 4 years old. 


2-4 Year Olds


17:00 - 17:45


Combe Pafford School, Steps Lane, Torquay, TQ2 8NL


COST: £13.00 PCM

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